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Re: Anybody installed on HP Pavilion XH215?

On Mon, Feb 26, 2001 at 01:45:10PM -0800, Alan Chen wrote:
> Or as anybody even heard of an HP Pavilion XH215? 

Couldn't find any info about the xh215 at hp.com/notebooks, but it appears
to have the ESS winmodem, which due to design flaws (or rather software
issues, it IS a winmodem afterall) stopped working on Feb. 21.  HP's
"workaround" is setting the CMOS time back a month.  Although this doesn't
matter under linux, there is no Linux driver for this modem.  But if you
plan to use Win also, and want to use the modem with their workaround, you
better be REAL careful about setting the date back.


I have a Pavilion n3310, which I'm pleased with, even though getting Linux
working properly was a pain.  (framebuffer, Maestro3 etc)

Also, HP's support generally sucks, IMHO.  Don't expect to get any technical
info about your system.  AMD K6-3 at 500Mhz is their idea of "detailed 
technical info".  


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