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X on a Fujitsu Lifebook 420D

Hello everybody,

So, here is the story,  A friend gave me his old Lifebook 420D and I
decided to go with a Debian install on it.  I read up on the difficulties
some have had getting XFree86 to work on it, and I've used their
information to the best of my knowledge in getting X to work.  

Its a simple problem, but one I should know better to take care of.  When
I initiate X (startx or xinit) the laptop begins to spew a whole bunch of
information and attempts to start X.  It craps out shortly and returns the
following error:

Fatal server error:
could not open default font 'fixed'

Some links have pointed me to some possibilities with the font.aliases
file, but I haven't quite yet ventured there.  I'm wondering if anyone has
had any similar problems, and if you could hopefully point me along in the
right direction.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Rafael A. Hinojosa			rhinojo@sccs.swarthmore.edu

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