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Re: OpenGL capabilities of ATI Mobility M1

On Sat, Feb 24, 2001 at 02:38:55PM -0500, Colin Cashman wrote:
> I'm thinking of trying EVAS (Enlightenment) on my laptop. Does anybody know
> how good the OpenGL capabilities of an ATI Mobility M1 chip are? Think I'll
> have a good experience?
Probably yes.
On my P3/600 Dell Inspiron 5000e with Mobility M3 (not M1 !)
I get about 25 frames on 1400x1050@16.
It exhibits a rather disturbing periodic speedup ripple, though,
i.e. the playback is not smooth.
Maybe that's a DRI driver problem. This is DRI CVS from about 6 weeks ago.

And with an 800x600 window at 1400x1050, it's ok (up to 40 FPS).
Same with 800x600 fullscreen.

Andreas Mohr

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