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TDK ProDigital

Hi all,

I thought I'd let myself be known to y'all before I bore you all with
questions which can probably be answered in a HOWTO

I have a Universal Scientific Aries notebook (P233MMX, 32Mb, 4Gb HDD,
NeoMagic video, Opti MAD16 sound). I have been using Linux for several
years, but Debian for about, um, 3 weeks. I stuck it straight onto my
laptop, more fun!

Anyway, I recently got hold of a TDK ProDigital LAN/GSM/ISDN PCMCIA card
(it was free, so I didn't refuse). I installed the pcmcia-cs stuff, built
the modules from source (modified kernel) and stuck in the
card. /var/log/messages told me that it was checking address space, io
space, etc, then promptly told me IRQRequest: resource unavailable. (I
don't think that was the exact message, but it's near enough). It also
immediately told me that it was polling the cards @ 100mS.

I have checked /etc/pcmcia/config.opt and /etc/pcmcia/network.opt, and
they seem OK (although the card isn't supported by name).

Any ideas/walk throughs would be greatly appreciated


Craig Andrews

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