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Re: ssh2 and non-stable

> If nothing else, try using the '-1' and '-v' arguments to ssh. '-1' asks
> for protocol one only, '-v' shows debug messages about the progress.

I'd been using -v, that's how I know when I use the wrong protocol.

-1 is an illegal option.  :(  Too bad, that would have been fine.

So..... I thought maybe when I installed ssh2 if I answered the question
about using SSH1 or using SSH2 maybe I could get it to work.  I tried
keeping the ssh package and loading the ssh2 package and this time the
unstable libc and some other packages were installed and ssh was removed.

So now I really do have 4 or 5 unstable packages, when I'd removed ssh
before installing ssh2 only that one package was installed and it talked
SSH2 only.

Oh, well.  Guess I'm on the bleeding edge.  Heather did give me some
advice but I didn't follow it too well with my debian inexperience.  
Guess I'm gonna learn the best way now.

Anyway, to reiterate what I found.  You can stay (almost) stable and run
SSH2 protocol by removing the ssh package with apt-get before installing
the ssh2 package from unstable.  No other unstable packages are installed
and you can use SSH2 (but not SSH1, that I could see) and also use sftp2.
If you then want to go back to SSH1 you remove the unstable urls from your
sources.list, update, remove ssh2 and install ssh again and you are back
to 100% stable. This is all using apt-get.

I'm still searching for the way to config this to degrade to SSH1


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