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Farewell, good luck to all of you.

Hello Christopher,

You did not get the messages to join the club:

1. Linus good, Bill bad. Linux good, Windows bad.
2. Users are losers.
3. Kernel programming is the thing what it's all about, business applications 
will make you sick.
4. Learn all the command-line switches by head.
5. Don't allow anyone to make a buck out of a line of coding.
6. You're the man if you adapt at least 10 drivers.
7. You must adapt the kernel sources every week.
8. Things are not supposed not to be easy, you must suffer first to be a 
9. Blame the commercial parasites as much as you can.
10. It's not about if you run applications, it's how you run applications.
11. "Wrong" hardware, bad luck.
12. You are never arrogant enough towards newbies. Of course, who can beat 
Heather or Nate ?
13. Linux is for servers, but keep on bashing Windows.
14. And of course, watch your "freedom", the freedom of a critical 
evaluation, the freedom to put question marks at places in Linux, the freedom 
of questioning general acceptance.

And for all others: This was my farewell message to Linux, just sh .....
I will be off this list, some will be delighted I guess, and don't send me 
e-mail please.

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