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Re: HELP - Thinkpad380ED XF86config

>    Dear People,
>   I am very sorry for my being so challenged, - but I
> like the philosophy of Debian, and therefore I want to
> learn Debian rather than other distributions, or OS's.

Welcome to debian, Hearthstone :)

>   What values do I put in xf86config for ThinkPad380ED
> (I have Debian2.2 - "potato")?

You mean you are running the configurator program 'xf86config' or you
mean you are editing directly the file '/etc/X11/XF86Config' ?

run SuperProbe, it should tell you what your video card is.  Then you'll
know what to tell xf8config (the app) or XF86Setup (a different app, 
graphical setup tool for X).

>   What books should someone like me (a complete
> tyro)read to start having some clues? (What's a
> kernel?, etc.)

O'Reilly's book "Learning Debian GNU/Linux" isn't too bad.  Kinda has its head
wrapped around slink, our previous version, but the general concepts of
apt and so on are all valid.

For Linux in general "Hands On Linux" by Sobell is pretty good too.  Has a
penguin belly floopping down a snowslope for its cover.


Linuxpowered.com has a fairly tyro-friendly interface to the same
howto's and side notes we like to thrash around in over at linuxdoc.org.

A lot of specific resources dedicated to laptops can be found at Werner 
Hauser's mobilix.org and at Kenneth Harker's 

(now for my own cheap plug :> )
The Linux Gazette is a monthly webzine dedicated to writing about stuff to
make linux more fun.  I do some volunteer work for it every month.  

>   Thanks, Hearthstone.

Good luck!  Don't be afraid to ask us any questions.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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