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Re: Back to Windows??

OK Debian-laptoppers.  I know you think our friend Adam is a troll. 
But maybe not. Look. He likes Debian:

> You're talking about single releases, which Debian does very well. 

He has a keen understanding of the organization:

> Debian is one of the better companies. 

He has a deep grasp of netiquette:

> Just because I said it on a Debian list doesn't mean I was speaking 
> specifically of Debian, ...

He's a fantastic programmer:

> I can hack the kernel ...

And he's an extremely important guy:

> Until you get me using Linux on all my computers, you won't get all
> the rest of the world; 

Still, maybe if we chip in we can raise $50.00 and he'll go
whine elsewhere:

> [...] they simply have better things to do with their time and
> most will spend $50 to make all the Linux issues go away
> with Windows, as much as many of them dislike it.

Adam: It's ok.  You don't have to use Debian on your laptop,
or Debian, or Linux, if you don't want to.  I imagine the
time you've spent on the defensive here is worth over the
$50.00 you refered to.  For the most part, the ones most
welcome in the community are the ones most willing to
contribute -- your complaints don't count as
"contribution". So, spend the money and get an OS you're
happier with, and chill on comp.os.w95 or wherever it is
like-minded folks hang out.


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