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Re: Back to Windows??

Bud Rogers wrote:

> Only you can decide which is the right choice for you.

Very well-put.  But one can make life easier in a couple of ways:

   * Get a computer with Linux pre-installed.  Yes, this is difficult for
     laptops, and in spite of the Microsoft Tax, economies of scale tend to keep
     Windows-preloaded machines cheaper than Linux-preloaded ones.
   * Search the Linux Laptop Pages for supported features in laptops and
     peripherals, and steer clear of Linux-unfriendly hardware.  Very often
     these pages will offer very good step-by-step instructions on how to set up
     various features in very little time, e.g. I got my Vaio's XF86Config file
     from one of these.

Unfortunately, neither of these is of much help to Jan at this point.  I'm sorry
this has been so difficult for you, and hope it will not deter you from future
use of Linux on more friendly hardware.

-Adam P.

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