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Re: ATI 3D Rage LT Pro

> > I tried the Mach64 driver, but the screen is not good.
> > And of course I meant: I do NOT get xwindows working.
> I assume that you are running atleast Debian 2.2, in which case, it shouldn't be any problems getting a RagePro LT to work..
> You haven't told what display resolution you have on your laptop..
> Just make sure that you select a screen display that goes somewhere around 
> 60hz

I have some nice 65.15 dotclock lines that made the SVGA server happy on
a different model ATI ... however, SVGA won't give you accelerated *anything*
on ATI (afaik) so unless you really enjoy hopping around video modes with 
alt- and alt+ a lot, it is a big loss, not a gain.

> You are to use the Mach64 driver..

Correct for nearly all ATI family ... certainly recent laptops won't be coming 
with a Mach32 anything;  laptops matching that vintage often came with C&T
chips instead.

> Since I don't have have a RagePro LT, My guess is that you just try to 
> autoprobe it, in the config menu.
> Select, the Mach64 Server, and just let everything else be bland, and X 
> will autodetect it for you (That is in the XServer config screen, the 
> rest you should fill in..)

xviddetect or SuperProbe should be able to tell you something.

If you just grab the Mach64 package (you can say yes to the "make it default
server" prompt while you're at it) and run
	X --probeonly 2> /root/videonotes
you should be able to get some good notes about what it is autoprobing
for.  With any luck it spots the chipset flavor without any complaints.

> Hope this helps...

I do find it odd he says the card isn't listed in XF86Setup though.  Last
I looked there were over 90 ATI things in there (but, I've been tweaking
X by hand for long enough, perhaps they stripped it.  That'd be dumb, but
perhaps anyway).

You can certainly try xf86config instead - it doesn't do the testing phase
the same way at all, and it runs in text mode, but some find it presents
the necessary questions in a way that's easier to answer.  Just don't forget
to keep paging through the video card list, since it's huge.

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> > -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> > Van: Mark Rahner [mailto:mark_rahner@sparta.com]
> > Verzonden: donderdag 15 februari 2001 2:01
> > Aan: Jan van Veldhuizen
> > Onderwerp: Re: ATI 3D Rage LT Pro
> > 
> > 
> > Hi Jan,
> > 
> > I could be wrong but I think you want the "Mach64" driver.  Good luck.
> > 
> > Mark
> > 
> > Jan van Veldhuizen wrote:
> > 
> > > I have a notebook with an ATI 3D Rage LT Pro Card.
> > > This card is not listed in XF86Setup.
> > > I do get xwindows working.
> > > What to do??
> > >
> > > (I am a Linux newbie)
> > >
> > > Jan van Veldhuizen
> > >
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