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SONY Jog-Dial driver, finally


long time ago I have asked in this list for a driver for the
SONY VAIO Jog-Dial. You may find a Jog-Dial driver by Takaya Kinjo now:

Currently I don't have time to package it for Debian. Please
let me know if you like to do it.


Probably you have to change two things in the spicdriver/Makefile
(thanks to Frank Koormann):

CCFLAG has to be extended with -D_LOOSE_KERNEL_NAMES

CCFLAG has to be extended with -I/usr/src/linux-<kernel-version>/include

The README scheint seems to be in Japanese, here is my English version.

$ tar xvzf jogutils.tar.gz
$ cd jogutils
$ make
$ su
# mknod /dev/spic c 60 0
# insmod spicdriver/spicdriver
# exit
$ cp jogapp/rcfile ~/.jogapprc
$ jogapp/jogapp

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