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Re: Best "new" laptop

Well, I simply went ahead and bought my dream machine.  It's a Dell Inspiron
8000 with the following specs:

 850MHz Intel Pentium III
 512MB RAM
 30GB HD
 15.0" UXGA (1600x1200) TFT LCD
 32MB ATI Mobility M4 3D, 4xAGP
 10/100 + 56K V.90 NIC/Modem, internal Mini-PCI
 8x CDRW
 floppy drive
 2nd battery
 port replicator
 surge protector

The main reason I went for this one is the 512MB (I'll be running VMware
with W2K alongside some memory hungry web apps when I'm working at home).
I checked the other main laptop companies, including MicronPC and only the
latter and Dell supported this amount of memory.  The Micron "only" had a
1400x1050 LCD and no FireWire, so I went for the Dell.  If you need more
disk space, go for the Micron since it supports a second HD in the modular
bay.  For the extra disk space I plan to get an external FireWire drive
from Maxtor (80GB for less then $400).

>From what I read on various news groups and web sites all the features are
supported in Linux, including the internal NIC/Modem. :-)

This beast will arrive early next week and I will let you know how things go.


Tom Hoover (lists+debian@hisword.net) wrote:
> I currently have a Toshiba 720CDT, and overall have been happy with it.  I
> _may_ have an opportunity to get a new laptop (with someone else's money :-).
> I want to get feedback regarding "current" laptops on the market and how well
> they work with Linux.  My goal here is to get the fastest, lightest, Linux
> compatible laptop out there.  Something with a "thin" form-factor and with long
> battery life, but with the horsepower to be a desktop replacement when placed
> in a docking station.  (I don't want much, do I?)  Since I'm in the "dreaming"
> stage right now, my question is this...
> If you had an unlimited budget on which to spend on your "dream" Linux laptop,
> what would you buy and why?
Ardo van Rangelrooij
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