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Low-Memory Diskette Install

Well, now that I've got the PCMCIA issue figured out, I'm having trouble re-installing (last time I got it to work I pretty much got lucky). 
I'm using the "low-memory" diskette image I downloaded, and what happens is this:
During the initial setup using the low-memory version, it has you create a swap file, which it then activites so it can use it to run the rest of the setup program.
Once the setup program starts, when it gets to the swap setup, it won't initialize one, saying that the "resource is busy." (I'm assuming because the swap file is already in use to run this in the first place). My only choice is to select "Do without a swap file." 
So then of course what happens is when it tries to boot after setup, there is no swap file, and half-way through the boot process it starts giving out-of-memory errors. Even if it manages to get me a prompt, it doesn't do me any good because there isn't enough memory left to run even the simplest of commands. 
Any ideas how to get around this swap-file problem?
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