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Re: TuxTops 20U: CDR and PCMCIA problems

> > Or try fiddling with hdparm parameters.
> Hmmm...  Pointers?  Haven't tried that yet.

(while it is "being normal" to you, try this and see if it works - if it
 does, then try slipping its respective halves into the apm event.d sequence)

Try using hdparm to order the CD to completely shutdown/stop spinning.
Then use hdparm to order it to spin back up again.  

(I don't have the device at hand, but -y says to tell it "suspend" and I bet
it's going -Y "sleep" which would need some sort of reset to recover.  I'm not
sure how to get an IDE chain to issue a reset on demand.)

"fiddling" with parameters might be because some IDE option (that perhaps 
there is a flag for) is "allergic" to the sleep/wake sequence, or just plain 
ol' flaky.  

Anyways if you can manage to reproduce the flakiness and a recovery using a
bit of scientific experiment with hdparm, then you win. 

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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