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Re: Configuring 100 identical Debian Laptops

>>>>> " " == Binary  <binarytpr@canariastelecom.com> writes:

     > Hi, If you have a 2,5" to 3,5" drive adapter you can install
     > one of the laptops, and with a desktop computer clone this
     > harddisk to the disks of the other 99 laptops. You can use the
     > DOS utility GHOST (works pretty with ext2) or with tar if the
     > desktop works in linux. You only need an aditional boot disk
     > for the reinstall of the lilo in each laptop and change the
     > hostname and ip.

Or do the same via network. You need to setup one maschine and have it
run read-only. Single user mode + sshd is fine. Then you build a
small ramdisk with ssh on it that connects to the server and dd's the
harddrive over.

Of cause you could make an image and place it on an existing server
instead of running one laptop as server in readonly mode.


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