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Re: lost the ALT key under emacs

>>>>> On Sun, 28 Jan 2001 23:25:31 +0000, Tiarnan O Corrain <ocorrain@esatclear.ie> said:

 Tiarnan> Hey, I've a problem running emacs on my Compaq Armada
 Tiarnan> 7770DMT laptop. The Alt key isn't working, so I can't get
 Tiarnan> any M-x type commands. Does anyone know why? Debian is the
 Tiarnan> only dist I've run on this laptop, so I don't know whether
 Tiarnan> it's a specifically Debian problem.

Try running "xev" and putting the pointer in the white window that's
brought up then pressing the alt key and see what is generated.  This
will at least tell you if X is seeing the key.  Also try the alt key
on the other side of the keyboard (assuming you have one).

If it sees the key then you can use xkeycaps to change the modifiers
on keys.


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