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Re: lost the ALT key under emacs

On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 05:04:38AM +0000, Tiarnan O Corrain wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 12:02:27AM -0500, Thomas Vogels wrote:
> > Tiarnan O Corrain <ocorrain@esatclear.ie> writes:
> > > I've a problem running emacs on my Compaq Armada 7770DMT laptop. The
> > > Alt key isn't working, so I can't get any M-x type commands. Does
> > > anyone know why? Debian is the only dist I've run on this laptop, so I
> > > don't know whether it's a specifically Debian problem.
> > 
> > this may be a silly question, but are you sure your window manager
> > isn't intercepting those key strokes?  (Does ESC then x still work?)
> It isn't a silly question: the answer is that I don't know. ESC-x
> works fine; having just discovered it I at least have an alternative,
> but those Meta-based key-sequences are burned in as reflexes at this
> stage.
> Perhaps I just need rewiring... The window manager I use is sawmill
> (no GNOME), and it has a binding Alt-TAB to cycle windows, which
> doesn't work either (or rather, it does, but has the same effect as
> TAB on its own, which seems to indicate that the Alt key is broken for
> all of X).

It is definitely a key mapping problem, I had the same one with sawfish
(under GNOME). Just run xkeycaps and tell it that your alt keys are meta
keys and then change the key bindings with the sawfish config program
then save the Xmodmap file. You can just overwirte your system one (back
it up first thought just in case).

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