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Re: lost the ALT key under emacs

On Sun, Jan 28, 2001 at 11:25:31PM +0000, Tiarnan O Corrain wrote:
> Hey,
> I've a problem running emacs on my Compaq Armada 7770DMT laptop. The
> Alt key isn't working, so I can't get any M-x type commands. Does
> anyone know why? Debian is the only dist I've run on this laptop, so I
> don't know whether it's a specifically Debian problem.

If you have the "windows" keys, try using them instead of Alt.
Otherwise here's the keyboard section from my XF86Config on a system
with an old keyboard:

Section "Keyboard"
   Protocol        "Standard"
   AutoRepeat      500 5
   LeftAlt         Meta
   RightAlt        Meta
   ScrollLock      Compose
   RightCtl        Control
   XkbKeycodes     "xfree86"
   XkbTypes        "default"
   XkbCompat       "default"
   XkbSymbols      "us(pc101)"
   XkbGeometry     "pc"
   XkbKeymap       "xfree86(us)"
   XkbRules        "xfree86"
   XkbModel        "pc101"
   XkbLayout       "us"

Lee Bradshaw                 lee@sectionIV.com
Texas Instruments            bradshaw@ti.com

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