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Re: 800x600 8bpp uses accelleration, 800x600 16bpp won't, why?

> Hi Folks,
> I have an IBM Thinkpad 560.  I got it to work at 800x600 16bpp
> using an external monitor, but it is MUCH slower than usual.  The
> X Server reports that it does not have enough video RAM to use
> acceleration.  The acceleration works just fine at 8bpp.
> I have 1 MEG video RAM, and a Trident Cyber 9382.
> Does it actually need more than 1 MEG of video RAM to use the
> acceleration?  Or is somethis else wrong?
> Any advise/clues welcome,
> John

1 Mb is not a lot of video RAM.  Since acceleration is basically using 
some video RAM for a few special purposes that you're going to use a 
lot... you would need some to spare.  

When at 8 bpp, you have some spare bits available, and your video card 
(think "graphics co-processor") is able to take advantage of them.  At 
16 bpp, it's busy using the vRAM to hold your current image, not store 
up extra commands or image fragments.

Nice laptop, not exactly a modern game machine though.  (I have a 560E
around too.)

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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