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Re: Problem with X, lilo, and mouse

Le Sat, Jan 06, 2001 at 03:15:46PM -0500, Rev. Ferret a écrit:
> Another thing,  I can't seem to get lilo to let me boot my windows
> partition.  I added the section
> other=/dev/hda1
>     label=dos
> but the lilo prompt won't let me type anything.  It just boots right
> into debian without letting me put in a different choice.
try adding 'timeout=90' somewhere in the beginning of your /etc/lilo.conf.

See 'man lilo.conf' for all the details.

For your X problem try 'XF86Setup', it helped me configure X on my laptop (and the mouse under X too, remember that a PS2 mouse is in /dev/psaux).

Otherwise i'm using gpm for my mouse in console mode, and 'gpmconfig' auto-detected it.


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