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RE: Stolen laptop - how to increase security?

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> Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2001 6:47 PM
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> Subject: Re: Stolen laptop - how to increase security?
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> You missed the, IMHO, most effective/important/simple method: get a laptop
> lock.  Almost all (if not all) of the new laptops come with a slot for the
> lock, and if yours doesn't have one, most locks come with a kit
> to add a slot.

My laptop was not new, and it was a second hand one. I agree that having a
lock would be one of the best idea. But this doesn't apply to unsecure
environment (e.g. working in 'alien' location).

> One of Targus' Defcon locks even has a motion sensor, so you
> don't have to lock it up to a secure place, if you don't have one around.

This seems cool.

> The only drawback that I can think of is that it takes a couple
> extra seconds
> to set up or pack up your laptop.  Just make sure that the cable
> you get is
> resistant to cutting (i.e. don't tie your laptop up with a shoelace).
>     Jérôme> use a BIOS password. This can apparently be reset
> depending on the
>     Jérôme> type.  Jumper reset, use of a BIOS reseter, etc...
> If you use a BIOS password/boot loader security, ADVERTISE IT!
> Paste a sticker
> (or tape a piece of paper) on the top of your laptop, saying
> something like,
> "WARNING: This laptop is password protected.  The password can
> only be removed by an authorized [manufacturer's name] technician
presented with proof of
> ownership.  So don't even think of stealing it, because it won't
> do you any good."  Your primary goal is to prevent your laptop from being
> stolen in the first place.  Your secondary goal is to recover it after it
is stolen.

This seems good except that if I am a guy stealing the laptop, I won't take
the time to read the dman message. It takes less than 15 seconds to enter an
office, unplug the machine put it in a bag and leave. So if I reads the
message at home, I might just throw the machine away...

> Other tips:
> - - paste your name/ph#/address onto your laptop.  So if someone
> finds it, they can contact you.  It probably doesn't really add much
> since the person who steals your laptop can just remove it, but it
> doesn't take much time to do.  (Make sure you remember to update it if you
move, though.)
> - - if you don't mind marking up a piece of equipment worth
> several thousand dollars, make sure your laptop has some distinguishing
> that is easily recognizable.  Mine has a bunch of stickers pasted on it.
> only does it make your laptop easier to recognize, my guess is that people
> would be less likely to steal it.

Thanks for the good ideas. I had my business card attached to the device,
but I guess that it has been quickly removed...
Next time I stick one or two of these under the keyboard, inside the machine
(on the hard disk), etc... If this machine ever gets to a repair office, I
might get the machine back.


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