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Parallel attached CDR - recomendations?

Hello all.

I am looking for a method to archive a bunch of stuff off of a couple
different computers and since one is a laptop and one a desktop, it
seems a parallel attached CDR drive might be the answer (I'm not
enthused about Zip or Iomega drives).  I know that the kernel has
support for these devices, but I would like others' opinions on a good
drive, write reliability, etc.  Speed is secondary at this point and a 2
or 4x write speed would be more than adequate.  Perhaps such beasts
don't exist and I'm just imagining things.  Right now I'm running Potato
on both machines with kernel 2.2.14 on one and 2.2.15 on the other (been
too lazy to upgrade) if that makes a difference.


- Nate >>

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