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advice on upgrading hard drive and cpu of laptop

This message isn't debian specific, but I'm hoping that some of
the people on the list will have some useful information to share,
and that others will benefit as well.

I am thinking of upgrading the hard drive and CPU in my Vivante SE
laptop made by Transmonde (now out of business).

First, the hard drive:  the main reason I want to upgrade is to get
something faster.  My HD is a 6G Hitachi that came with my Vivante
when I bought it almost two years ago.  I find it to be very slow.
Can anyone recommend a faster drive, which is also relatively energy
efficient?  8 to 9G would be perfect.  Can anyone guess how many rpm
my drive would be?  I can't find this in any of the docs.  Will any
2.5" IDE drive work?

My CPU is a Celeron 300.  I chose this because it was inexpensive and
doesn't consume much power, but now I'd like a bit more speed, maybe
50 to 100% more.  Would something like a Celeron 500 be a good option?
Or a Pentium?  Or something from AMD?  Will any mobile chip fit into
my motherboard?  How will the energy use of a modern 500MHz cpu
compare with that of a two year old Celeron 300?

For both of the above, I would be interested in feedback about vendors
which people are happy or unhappy with.

Responses either to me or to the list are fine.  I will summarize
any responses sent directly to me.



Dan Christensen

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