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Re: New problems with adding hard-drive to the docking station.

Kamath <kamath@cs.odu.edu> writes:

> fdisk gives an error saying cant open file /dev/hdb 
> when I do a 
> prompt> more /dev/hdb
> i get the same error..
> the additional HD is an enhanced IDE disk, jumper settings are configured
> as the primary slave.
> One thing to remember is that the additional hard-disk is accessed by the
> kernel via the dock interface. might this be a factor?? especially since
> the device naming convention hda/hdb/hdc etc probably stand for HD's
> connected to the mother-board directly??

ah, I forgot about that...  Check the boot messages (try sth like
"dmesg |grep '^hd.:'" which will list the drives and drive "letters"
that the kernel sees when booting.  What does it say?).
Hmm, if you have an extra interface you might have to jumper the disk
as master and it shows up as hde but this enters the land of wild
speculations and probly somebody who uses a docking station will be of
more help.

good luck,

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