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Re: X problems on inspiron 8000

> Thank you very much!  As soon as I removed gpm everything worked
> perfectly.  Any idea why gpm has problems with X on the inspiron?

Under numerous circumstances, gpm and X simply don't like each other,
anyway.  I've seen cases where people carefully told gpm what type to
repeat, and X had to use /dev/gpmdata for the mouse... others where
gpm had to *not* be repeating at all, X would also use the raw port,
and the whole balance would depend on the fact that gpm is task swapped
out (it's supposed to go dormant in graphics mode if not repeating) when 
X is in... yet others, where people have to do without a console mouse.

If you find yourself in the last, I recommend screen; at least it has 
keyboard based cut and paste abilities.

> I have an alpha desktop running woody and it has no problems with
> X and gpm conflicting... 
> Luke
> (sluke@mit.edu)

A number of my friends feel the alpha is simply superior hardware, but
it's hard to say if that has any effect on gpm behaving itself with X.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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