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Re: Dell Latitude CPx J

On Fri, Dec 22, 2000 at 10:43:30AM -0600, Jeremy Finke wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am a unix admin of about 4 years doing mostly Solaris, AIX, and RH based
> linux distributions (and a little OpenBSD).  In an effort to diversify my
> platfom base, I decided to install Debian.  Not one to do things the easy
> way, I decided to install this on my laptop!  =)
> I downloaded the pieces and built the 2.2r2 iso disk1.  I was able to boot
> and install the os.  It auto detected my Xircom CardBus Ethernet 100 + Modem
> 56 (Ethernet Interface) but then when I stepped through the ip configuration
> it failed.  I also have a port replicator that I primarily use.  It has a
> 3com 3c920 which is suppossed to be compatable with 3c905C-TX, which I
> should be able to use the 3c90X driver.  I tried to do a insmod and it could
> not find it.
> I also could not get the X system to install correctly.  Apparently the card
> is an ATI Mobility M1 which I should use a Mach64 driver for.  However, I am
> used to running Xconfigurator, which I believe is a RedHat util.  But, I
> think that I am going to try and get X 4.02 running instead of the version
> that comes with D2.2r2.
> Any help out there??
> Thanks!!
> Jeremy

I've got a CPx that has been upgraded to debian 2.2r2.

The xf86setup package contains XF86Setup and xf86setup tools. I think I
used XF86Setup to create the XF86Config file and I think it depends on

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