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Re: screen goes black

On Saturday 16 December 2000 22:19, Terry 'Mongoose' Hendrix II wrote:
> Russell Coker wrote:
> > I've recently started having a problem with my Thinkpad T20 where the
> > screen goes black.  It will happen while I'm working at seemingly random
> > periods. Any new text or graphics that is displayed (in text mode or X)
> > will appear as normal, and changing VT's will result in all text being
> > correct.
> >
> > I have just recompiled my kernel (same version and options).
> >
> > It's kernel 2.4.0-test10.
> >
> > This problem occurs when X isn't running or when X is running.
> Welcome to laptop use.  It's very likey your screen or some wiring is
> loose.  It's nothing to be concerned with at all.  It's directly related
> to how many times you drop or squeeze the case in your bookbag.  =)
> Simply moving the screen on it's hinge will sometimes be enough, and
> other times you may need to press the sides of the screen casing
> together gently and it should work.
> If all else fails you'll have to take it apart and do some reconnecting
> or even replace a cracked screen.
> I haven't used that exact model of thinkpad, but I can asure you it's a
> common thing.  Laptops aren't made to last very long.  I've had maybe 3
> in 2 years, so it's important you can repair them so that you can resell
> them to buy newer, faster ones.

No it is definately not a wiring issue.  The entire screen goes blank but any 
text being displayed appears.  So if I keep typing then anything I type 
appears, but the rest of the screen stays blank until I take some action to 
cause a re-draw (IE switching virtual terminals or scrolling a text-mode 

This is some sort of software issue.

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