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Hello all.

i have a compaq Presario 1700.

I have installed potato but have to access it using

boot: linux 1

because at first the thing would just horribly hang

when it said

Starting PCMCIA services:

ok, well i downloaded the latested (from sourceforge)
pcmcia package onto my wins paritions

then rstarted the system and mounted my windows parititon

and then copied and 'make'-ed the pcmcia packages
i make sure to choose install all
so all modules would be made.


now the debian package hangs on the
when i run test_setup
it says no socket drivers loaded
but says i have pcmcia modules installed

so now, i need help in figuring out
why CARDMNGR hangs at boot up (horrible- i have to unplug the laptop)

i read the pCMCIA HOWTO and it says something about if cardmngr hangs
you need to changea CORE_OPTS but i jhave no idea what file they are
talking about

any appreciate all your help as usuall

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