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mouse attention problem

I have a problem with the focus of my mouse.  Intermittently (maybe
10% of the time), the mouse focus fails to change to the new window
I'm pointing at.   So, I aim at a new window, but my keystrokes come
up in the last window I was typing in.  Sometimes it even seems like
I'm trying to type on the desktop, as I get a warning beep at every
keystroke.   Oddly, when this is happening I can still paste the mouse
buffer into the desired window.  

This problem started a while back, but unfortunately I'm not sure what
I changed.

I'm running kernel 2.2.14 on an IBM 560Z Thinkpad.  I recently updated
to xfree86 3.3.6-11potato, but this didn't fix things.  Also, I run
olvwm, but I tried other window managers and that didn't help.  And,
I am setup for input area select  by pointing and not clicking.

Any ideas?  This is driving me crazy!

Thanks in advance,


Dr. William A. Heindl
CASS/UCSD-0424       email: biff@ucsd.edu
9500 Gilman Dr.	     phone: (858)534-8016  fax: (858)534-2294
La Jolla, CA 92093   www:   http://mamacass.ucsd.edu:8080/people/wheindl.html

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