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Re: framebuffer w/tp760el and trident

Pat Mahoney wrote:

> the kernel.  On boot up it merely says VGA 80x25.  I suspected my bios is
> not vesa 2.0 compliant, but when I set kernel to vga=ask, it says VESA

At http://www.strusel007.de/linux/fb.html you may find a DOS tool to
get the VESA version of your BIOS

> I talked to IBM and the technician told me that vesa 2.0 is a very old
> standard.  My laptop was made in 1993.
Kernel docs about VESA says that VESA 2.0 is available since 1994.
> If I compile the VGA framebuffer (16 color), I get a boot logo :) (which, at
> the end of the boot process, changes to messed up colors??).  But I cannot
> get to 800x600 using fbset.  It says "ioctl FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO: Invalid
> argument"  When I change fb.modes to use 4 bit color instead of 8, then it
> "works."  I guess that makes sense because VGA 16 wouldn't support 8 bit
> color....

AFAIK I know fbset is for framebuffer console/textmode only (though
fbset -x
provides the modelines for XF86Config).

> So in 4 bit, things happen, but I get a corrupt screen, I see the very left
> edge three and a half times.  I am using my converted X-modeline.  X runs
> fine in 800x600x(8|16).
So what's wrong, X seems to work besides the 4 bit mode?

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