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Re: Help: Dselect ran out of disk space

Bolan Meek wrote:
> What's your partitioning look like?  What's the output of `df`?
> If you use cfdisk, are there any partitions you don't see in `df`,
> i.e. not have mounted?

I have 104MB as root and 16MB swap there is 1% unuseable, presumably
something to do with the drive geometry. It is a Seagate drive which RH
5.2 refused to recognise. I used a Win95/Partition Magic Rescue disk to
set ip up as ext2 but gave up with RH. I had Debian 2.1 installed but
then decided to use 2.2 as I was planning on using ipchains and

> > I used a 16MB swap file.
> This seems appropriate.
> > At one point I had in mind to use it as a gateway on my 10base2 LAN but
> > my current laptop (sorry it's RH6.2 at the moment) and Windoze98SE
> > desktop are running Seti 24/7 so I'd like to remove all the non
> > essentials.
> Do you mean SETI@home?  There is a Debian package in >non-free.

Yes that is what I was refering to but the machine is far too slow to
use on Seti.
> > It is running Distributed.Net OGR but the files are a bit of a mess.
> > I have tried using Dselect to delete unwanted portions but failed. I got
> > it to run by manually deleting numerous documents, which I was sure I
> > could manage without, but would like to be able to use Dselect in the
> > future.
> Do you mean that you deleted arbitrary files in /usr/doc?  And only
> in there?
Yes. I deleted How-Tos etc as I have them on my other machine and on CD.
I remember deciding that I could do without locales, it was over 10MB.

> Only the files which have been updated will have been upgraded.  I
> wonder if running `cruft` would be helpful.

I am not familiar with cruft and it does not seem to exist on the

Before doing the update there was 8.5MB free. On completion 3.8MB. I had
decided that I would use dpkg to try and remove the packages that
deslect would not. It went backwards to the point where there was only
400kB free. Since then I have got it down to 1038kB 99%  by removing
wvdial and pppconfig (it's on a LAN).

I am not sure what the status of dselect is because, in the original
install, it ran out of space. dselect refuses to remove the packages I
decided I could do without. 

The machine has been "up" for over 62 days and I am reluctant to
re-install but that would seem to be the simplest solution.

> This is the starting skill of the most erudite Linux masters.
The problem is knowing what to add/edit. Back in my DOS days it seemed
quite simple.

Thanks for the help.


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