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Re: thinkpad i1452 hard drive problem

On Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 11:58:44PM -0700, christoph hebeisen wrote:
> once in a while the harddrive will start to make very regular noises like
> crazy (sounds like the head is first seeking over the whole drive and then
> crashing into the case again and again) that change their pattern every
> few minutes or so. the drive is unaccessible in this state and i get logs
> like
> ide0: reset timed out, status 0xd0
> hda: status timeout 0x80 { Busy }
> hda: drive not ready for command
Hello Christoph,

I think it is a hardware problem. I had a similar problem a year ago
with my Compaq Armada 1510. I ended with several damaged sectors
on the hard disk but it is still usable. The problem used to happen
when the disk tried to read certain sectors, in my case several
important sectors like parts of root inodes.

Blu Almanegra.

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