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Re: Ethernet Card --> that works ?

On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 10:36:15AM -0700, Jens Helweg wrote:
> ... recommend a card that works for sure and is not too expensive ?
> I think I am willing
> to buy another networkcard...
> Thx.
> Jens
Mine is D-Link 660CT. Works fine with Linus 2.2.13 and pcmcia 3.0.10.
I recompiled the source package from Slink ( needed some tweak ).
I use Potato now (mostly), but do not upgrade PCMCIA to avoid breaking it.

My PCMCIA socket is a Texas Instruments ( on Compaq Presario 1610 ).
Check out yours. It could be not a problem of card, but of PCMCIA socket 
(unless you have PCMCIA cards that work ).


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