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Ethernet Card --> that works ?

Jens Helweg writes:
| I give up on my PCMCIA Ethernet Card. I think I've tried almost
| everything. 3 different Kernels, 3 different versions of PCMCIA
| sources. The card gets recognized but as soon as I start to send
| packages to it (e.g. ping an address or just execute route) the whole
| system hangs. I've tried different irq and io (although there's no
| conflict according to `cat /proc/interrupts` and cat /proc/ioports).

You don't say what your card is.

| So my question is does somebody have another idea of what other thing
| I could try or can somebody recommend a card that works for sure and
| is not too expensive ?  I think I am willing to buy another
| networkcard...

I have a D-Link DFE-650TX 10/100 Ethernet card.  Works a charm.


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