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Re: Laptop email

On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Christopher Hicks wrote:

> One improvement I would very much like to make over the setup I had before
> is this:  it would be *very* convenient to store my email on a partition
> accessible to both Linux and Win98 (which I have to have for work - sigh)
> such that I can access it with a unified set of folders/address book etc
> from whichever O/S I happen to be in the time. This also requires a mail
> client which runs under both Linux and Win98 (or at least a pair of clients
> with compatible file formats).

You can symlink c:\Program Files\...\Mail to ~/Mail and you can link also
the WinNetscape Inbox to the inbox of your mail client -- ~/mbox in Pine.
The problem with this solution is that Win uses <CR><LF> at the and of
line while Unix uses just one. So your client will have problems in
recognizing the file as a mail box.

If you use netscape on Linux I think this problem won't happen because
Netscape (in both versions) is capable to recognize both formats.

You can create folders in both clients (if you set the correct permissions
in the Linux side to let a normal user write in the Win partition.



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