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RE: questions about toshiba tecra 8100

Hi Brent,

Unfortunately (as the subject of the mail heading implies) I don't have a
Dell Inspiron laptop - I have a Toshiba Tecra 8100.

Please resubmit this to the laptop list as a whole for a better response -
and maybe limit your questions to one or two in hope of getting a sensible

Apologies for not being able to help, and good look finding your answer!

Kind Regards,

> ----------
> From: 	brent harding[SMTP:bharding@greenbaynet.com]
> Sent: 	13 July 2000 04:26
> To: 	Pugh Mike ML
> Subject: 	RE: questions about toshiba tecra 8100
> How do I set up sound on a dell inspiron 3500's appearing to be in
> windows,
> neomagic 3d magicwave sound system, I don't really like it because it's
> not
> multichannel like i'd like, but if I have to use it, will it work, and
> with
> what driver? Is there an easy way to get an sblive equivalent card in a
> laptop that has two already full pcmcia slots, or one if I take the DVD
> out, and still may need a modem, and some day, network and or scsi support
> if I get dsl and or a tape drive? Can more slots easily be added if I need
> them, and or another hard drive so I can put linux on it's own disk
> without
> having to quick boot a floppy initially and swap the hard drive in, so it
> doesn't boot the windows one if I don't want it to, I'd rather not mess
> with the partition setup dell instituted, as it's odd, logical geometry
> doesn't match physical geometry on the drive in there, and it seems a risk
> to play with that existing drive, I may need it at the same time I use
> cd-rom or floppy, can one be found that'll fit in the battery slot that
> will work there, if I use AC power?

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