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Re: Another pcmcia question

> I picked up an old laptop and am kind of unsure of it's condition, but 
> it does have a single PCMCIA slot that I was hoping to put a modem into.
> However, whenever cardmgr runs during startup, it states that the device 
> is "busy."
> Is this a normal response to the slot being empty, or is it more a sign 
> that the slot is bad?

Could also be a sign that something is conflicting with the IRQ for your
PCMCIA bridge (often 11)

An unrecognized device much more often gets a timeout message.  Rarely
(I think use to be more common??) it may be misrecognized as a memory card
(which then is unresponsive, wonder why :P)

If you have not yet put a card in, and you run
	cardctl ident 

It should state that the slot is empty...  not busy.

* Heather

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