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Re: pcmcia modem

From: monte <monte@ipex.com.tw>
Subject: Re: pcmcia modem
Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2000 12:38:50 +0800
Message-ID: <39616A5A.962DA853@ipex.com.tw>

>     I never use a PCMCIA modem. But I guess (with 80% confidence)
> your modem is not ttyS1, because usually the ttyS1 and ttyS2 are
> occupied by your computer's built-in RS-232 ports (COM1 and COM2).
> So maybe you should checked with PCMCIA doc. to see what device id
> your modem is registered with the kernel.

i don't know what else was in the machine referred to in the original
question, but in my experience, most machines that have pcmcia
capability are laptops (how i wish that were not true...).  many of
the "newer" laptops lack built-in serial rs-232 ports -- preferring
usb.  i've never seen a laptop w/ 2 built-in serial rs-232 ports (not
saying there aren't any, just not that many).

that said, for reference, one of the machines i'm using has no
built-in serial rs-232 ports and a pcmcia modem often comes up as
/dev/ttyS0.  iirc, this can change depending on what's plugged into
the various pcmcia slots.

in my /var/log/daemon.log, i see lines like:

  executing: './serial start ttyS0'

so looking there might give some clues...

just my $.02 ;-)

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