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Re: ALSA, Tecra 8100, and sound devices

/ Hugo van der Merwe <hugo@mailroom.com> was heard to say:
| Are you running frozen, or unstable? I know unstable has an "mpg123-alsa"
| package, where mpg123 plays through alsa automatically. This may help with
| mp3's, but I suppose your problem isn't getting mpg123 to work, it is to
| get OSS compatibility, which I can unfortunately not help you with.

I'm running frozen, but I'll see if mpg123-alsa from unstable will install.
Better MP3 support would make me happy, I can live without the bells and
whistles elsewhere, though I'd take them if I could get them.

| What are the advantages of alsa BTW?

Support for my chip :-)

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