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RE: Compaq with docking station - 2 network interfaces

From: Moore, Paul 
> I'm trying to set up a Compaq laptop as a Debian 2.2 
> workstation on my work network. The laptop has a
> docking station with a network card in it, and a
> PCMCIA network card. I want to set things up so that
> if the machine is docked, I can use the docking
> station card, whereas if it is undocked, I can
> use the PCMCIA card.

I had another thought on this. If I could set things up so that eth0 was the
statically allocated interface, and eth1 was a DHCP interface *regardless of
what hardware grabbed these specific interfaces* I would have what I want.
This is because the docking station card gets eth0 if it exists (as the
kernel module loads first) and then the PCMCIA card gets eth1 if the machine
is docked (and eth0 is taken) otherwise it gets eth0.

If the PCMCIA stuff used /etc/network/interfaces, this would be trivial. But
it doesn't and I have to put the PCMCIA stuff elsewhere. Is there any way I
can either get the PCMCIA card to get its config from
/etc/network/interfaces, or to specify a different config in
/etc/pcmcia/network.opts depending on the allocated interface? I've checked
the PCMCIA HOWTO, the manpages, and the PCMCIA web site, and I can't see how
to do this...

Thanks for any info,
Paul Moore.

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