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Re: Setting hwclock Time

> I just did a clean install of debian potato on my Toshiba 2100cds. My bios
> clock reads Thu Jan 4 23:17:51 JST 1990. So when I use dselect to install
> numerous packages it stalls due to tar archive error that says ...future
> time stamp..etc.... This is very frustrating since any info, e.g. man pages,
> haven't been installed yet. I believe that hwclock and date commands should
> help but I haven't got them to work. and no man pages :-(
> Question: how can I set my bios clock to this century? or a workaround for
> the future time stamp error from tar?
> Thanks for any help
> Jack Morgan

You could use the date program which allows you to set the clock to the exact date. You can also use rdate which sets the date with some informations from an other server, you just need a server which allows rdate requests. When you get your clock to the exact date, then you can save it by running a init script: /etc/init.d/hwclock.sh stop

This saves the software clock to the hardware clock on your computer and your BIOS date will be set to the exact date.. which should be after the year 2000 :)

An other solution might be just to set the date in the BIOS setup ? :)

Anders Kvist aka wazquis(@freesite.dk)

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