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Re: Maestro sound card, scratching

On Sun, 11 Jun 2000, Hugo van der Merwe wrote:

> Hello,
> Should I CC this to debian-user? I'd guess this sound card is probably not
> Laptop-only...
> I have an ESS Maestro 2, with which I am having a small problem: after
> playing music for a while, the left channel starts scratching. This is
> also sometimes triggered by a small processing task, e.g. starting X... or
> sometimes something as trivial as `ps ax` stopping the music for a couple
> of seconds and then resuming tends to stop the scratching.
> I am wondering if it is the hardware, or possibly the driver? I get the
> idea that as soon as the audio device is freed and "reallocated" (I'm
> running esd -as 2, which frees the audio device after 2 seconds of
> inactivity, allowing other users to use it) the scratching goes away, but
> that could be just coincidence. I'll experiment some more with how to get
> the scratching to stop, but it is rather difficult, as there is no quick
> way to get it to scratch in the first place.
> Any ideas? I'm thinking of taking the laptop back to the manufacturer so
> that they can check/replace the sound card, I just want to make sure that
> there is a good chance it is actually the hardware.
> Thanks,
> Hugo van der Merwe

Hello. I also own a laptop wearing a Maestro 2. I've experimented some
kind of delay between the two channels when playing mp3; it seems very
close to your problem because it also happens under task swapping or heavy
load conditions. 
I also have detected that when I suspend the laptop, the driver stops
working (when the laptop wake up, of course :-)  ). This doesn't happen
when I hibernate it. 

I think that the driver is not so complete as it were desired. Anyway,
have you tested the 2.2.16 kernel? I think that there was an update of the
driver in this version. 

Good luck, 
Manuel Teira.

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