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Re: Changing processor speeds

On Sun, 11 Jun 2000, Alexander Clouter wrote:

> I used to have this problem after a resume.  Surprisingly it was fixed by
> changing a BIOS option or two.  On my laptop I had to turn off 'CPU Idle'
> calls in the *BIOS* and also (probably due to a dodgy Pheonix BIOS) had to
> turn off 'PnP OS'.  This solved my problems and so far (touch wood) I have
> had no further slow downs......YAY!

Makes me think of my bios setup: there is an option where you select which
OS you're using ("mostly"), with the options Win95, Win98 or Other... any
idea what that might do? I cannot remember what it is currently on. Other
thing, I read somewhere a recommendation to turn off (video bios?)
shadowing, or something like that. I did that on my previous computer, but
this laptop doesn't have an option like that, and it definately shadows
something (actually two things, I think). What impact does this "shadow"
stuff have?

I must say, I wish I had the source code to my bios, 'cause at this point
I cannot even disable booting from disk! (It is always possible to press
escape, and get a boot menu with "Disk, Hard Disk, or CDROM"...)

Hugo van der Merwe

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