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Re: Debian on an IBM Thinkpad 570E

Julian Melville wrote:
> >    What I would like to end up with is a dualboot linux/win2K.  Do I
> > have to go through the Win2K loader like with NT or can I use LILO
> > like with 95/98?

You can use LILO to select Linux or NT, but...

> only niggle for me is that on the Windows side, it thinks that Win98 is on
> the machine as well (because I started the install from a Win98 boot disk)
> and drops into the Win2K boot loader after LILO

That isn't because it thinks Win98 is on the machine too, but because
you can't boot Win2K
without the Win2K boot loader (actually, I only know that is true for
NT, and suspect it is true for W2K as well). On the other hand, you can
set the timeout value down low enough that this is only a minor headache
when booting the M$ OS. On NT, there is a file called "boot.ini" (which
may be hidden or read-only by default, so you have to change the
attributes in order to edit it) and in there, one of the parameters is
the timeout value for the boot loader before it starts the default
operating system. Again, this is for NT, but W2K may well be the same.


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