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Re: kernel and apm

On Sun, 4 Jun 2000, Charles Baker wrote:
> I have a Dell Latitude XPi 133 ST running potato w/ kernel 2.2.15, default
> not recompiled.  Before installing I recreated the suspend partion.  The
> keyboard includes a function to suspend, which seems to work.  I haven't
> tested it thoroughly, but was wondering if the default kernel in potato 
> now includes apm support?  dmesg shows apm disabled at user request....
as far as I know all the default kernels have apm disabled (I think it can
cause incompatibility problems for some machines) mainly as linux really
is installed on desktops that run off the mains and apm support is
_usually_ not required.

What you have to do is recompile the kernel (you seem to know this
bit) its actually quite easy, if you need step by step instructions I have
them from a previous post I archived away, and *remember* to also
recompile the pcmcia drivers for various technical reasons.


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