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No sound from Docking Station CD on DEll Latitude CPi

Humble apologies for previous post with "Unidetified subject" :-( 

I have a Dell Latitude CPi DX300T laptop running Woody, kernel 2.2.15,
alsa for the CS4237B sound chip (anything else relevant?).  

My CD-ROM drive is in the docking station (because the internal bay
houses a 6GB hard drive on which Debian is installed).

The CD tools (like the CD Player applet and gtcd and xmms) can all
control an audio CD and find the appropriate entry from CDDB, but I
can't get any sound from the CD Player into the speakers :-( 

It worked once, after having booted into WinNT first, but this is not
repeatable. Works fine in WinNT.  Also, I can mount normal CD-ROMs
without effort in Debian (using more recent kernels).

Any ideas what might be going on?

Many thanks,

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