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Re: epson actionnote 500c

On Sat, 27 May 2000, Rick Eicher II wrote:
> I am wanting to install debian on a actionnote 500c. It only has 4 megs ram
> I can get 4 more. I do not know if i can get more that 4 more megs. At the
> moment it hangs right after i put the root.bin floppy in and it finds the
> ramdisk? Is this lack of ram or something else. If so what else can i do. It
> only has a floppy.
Currently Debian will not install on your laptop as you are not using the
low memory installations disks.  These can be found on ftp.debian.org or
even on the Debian 2.1 Slink CD.  Copy these images onto disk and also
the base installation disk images too.  This will give you a working
debian base system to work with.

>From here you can use pcmcia cards, parallel/serial cables to transfer
stuff to your laptop.  I recommend finding (if you don't already have
one) a ethernet card and also to get your hands onto a 10Mbps connection
to the internet.  Then by using apt-get you can upgrade your laptop and
install new packages.

However as you currently have 4Mb it will take a LONG time, I know as I
have done this sort of thing before on an old 486, I highly recommend you
wait until the extra 4Mb is in.  Also if you wait till then the normal
installation disks will work. :)

If you need any more help do ask


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