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Re: HD spindown and fs cache writeback

> You might want to experiment with running things that are usually cron jobs
> as at jobs then, e.g. logrotate etc. Alternatively running them out of startup
> if you for some reason reboot occasionally.
This is an interesting idea, I'll have a look at it...

> There's a flavor of cron called hccron which is a patch to cron to adress
> running things that happened while you were "off" - hc = home computer -
> but probably works for suspend nicely too.  What tweaks would cron need to
> behave itself better?  Seems simple enough, change it back to the has-to-be
> HUP'd to-know-its-config-changed, have it "memorize" its tasks.
I heard of  "anacron", which stands IIRC for 'anachronistic crond', and
does the same thing, and is already available (please confirm?) with

> > In general, I would advise to remove from memory any program that uses to
> > wake up from times to times, because in many cases is gets paged out
> > (thrown to swap-space) in the meantime, and thus has to be paged in each
> > time it wakes up. 
> But you said atd behaves itself... ?  Perhaps it is merely small enough to
> not swap out?
Simply that it doesn't wake up at all... It only wakes up when it is given
a task to queue ('at') or when it starts to run this task ('at-run'). In
the meanwhile, it just sleeps, and does (at least over here) completely


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