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Re: New Sony VAIO support?

sen_ml@eccosys.com schrieb:
> david> I was wondering if anyone is working on support for the newer Sony
> david> VAIO notebooks, as there are a _lot_ of features which are currently
> david> unsupported under Debian (and Linux in general, in fact).

AFAIK these features are currently unsupported:

- jog dial, shouldn't be to difficult to make a driver I guess
  it might be a PS/2 device and the data stream traceable with 'mev'
  from the 'gpm' package
- camera, which is probably an USB device, which doesn't mean
  it will work out of the box, but there is a chance
- the display dimming, which is probably a BIOS32 function
- IrDA, there are reports about SIR working, what about FIR?
- modem, I got reports about a working modem, at least for some models

I don't know about

- sound?
- firewire?
- GPS/GSM ??
- memory stick

hint, I would like to have such a machine and work on it ;-)

Or more serious, what about a Linux VAIO Project?


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