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after moving to xf 3.3.6 - blackbox etc no longer work.


I just upgraded my xfree86 3.3.2 from debian with 3.3.6 from XFree86.
But after installing the latter, I can no longer use my existing
window-managers. I had blackbox (my favorite), olvwm, etc. Now, I am
only presented with a few stupid xterms which are much larger than my
640x480 screen. I could neither start my xemacs. I ran the
$ window-manager --default blackbox
to reset blackbox as default wm, but nothing changed.

Can anyone give me an idea what's gone wrong with my xf86 3.3.6
installation? I  ran the preinst.sh, extract and postinst.sh to install
the downloaded 3.3.6.

thanks a loooot in advance


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